Chains (HK) CO., Limited.
Professional Tire Chain Company Provides Unmatched Quality At Unbeatable Value
Snow chains and tire chains provide suitable traction solutions for passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors, ATV, construction machinery, forestry machine.
SURECHAIN bogie tracks provide safety and a strong grip on rough terrain. five types of designed tracks which fulfill different operating conditions and user needs.
As one of the leading tire chain suppliers in China, SURECHAIN provides safe and reliable tire chain solutions for passenger cars, transporation vehicle, agriculture machine, construction machine, forestry machine.
Vehicle Chains for Passenger Cars
Passenger car snow chains are designed for car safe driving purpose under snow condition which provide necessary traction while driving on the snow, icy and Slippery road.
Surechain Vehicle Chains in Transportation Truck & Bus
Truck chain is designed for transportation vehicle such as trucks and buses,which provide longer life, fantastic traction, super ductility and wear resistancy.
Surechain Vehicle Chains in Agriculture
Tractor chains are designed for agricultural applications. provides excellent traction , longer life and safety to people who worked in tough conditions and complicated terrains.
SURECHAIN's Vehicle Chains in Forestry
Forestry chains designed to increase the safety but reduce fuel consumption by providing extra traction and grip on the rough and unpredictable conditions, meanwhile they help to protect the treads and sidewalls of the tires against stones and branches effectively.
Surechain Vehicle Chains in Construction Machinery & Equipment
Construction machine chains are used for excavator, loader and snow removal machine, provides tire protection, excellent traction, long life and safety to people who worked in tough conditions and complicated terrains.
SURECHAIN As Your Vehicle Chain & Track manufacturer

SURECHAIN is a manufacturing and exporting tire chain manufacturer with snow chain manufacture and wholesale as its main products. As one of the leading tire chain suppliers in China, we have a rich development background. Located in Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, our production base coves an area of about 30000 square meters. The production base has six workshops, and the total number of employees is more than hundreds. Our annual output value is more than 100 million yuan.


Since 1989, SURECHAIN have been dedicated to the snow chain business professionally.


Cover country and region values, and provide vehicle tire chains for 34 countries.


3000 models to choose from

No. 1

No. 1 in material research and development in China

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