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About us

SURECHAIN is one of the leading Snow chains brands who provides professional traction products for Automobiles, Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Construction Machines, Forestry Machines, and so on.
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With sophisticated traction solution and alloy steel R&D team, SURECHAIN specializes in snow chain manufacture and has the widest range of traction products in industry, with providing professional traction solution including chains and tracks to all vehicles all around the worlds with reputation.  (Market coverage: United States, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, UK, Norway, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Australia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile.)

With 35+ years experienced production base at world factories center Zhejiang province, Main land China, SURECHAIN possesses production scope of 42,000 square meters and yearly  capacity of 8000 tons of tire chains which are made from raw wire rod.

M.T.S.P is what SURECHAIN people believe as key values of company:

Matching right and Easy fitting on tire,

Advanced Technology on product,

Good Service to customer

Right price.

Apart from that, they also pay a great deal of attention to the quality control and social responsibility. Manufacturer is certified by ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO45001 and snow chains are certified by European Standard TUV GS and Onorm, and also a industry standard setter.

Our mission is to continue drive traction industry develop, to be able to built up higher quality standard and easier solution to the right price.

Our History

SURECHAIN began to develop its very first snow chains from 1987 in central Zhejiang. The very first order was received in 1988 from United states and completed at year of 1989 and yet the SURECHAIN business has been developed for 35 years.

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  • Mission: Make Winter Driving safer and Easier.

  • Vision: Continue to Develop Drive Traction Industry.

  • Value: Providing Professional Traction Solution To All Vehicles With Customer Satisfaction.

SURECHAIN distributes its snow chains products to strongest local partners worldwide in order to provide professional traction solution with satisfaction to customer from all over the world.


SURECHAIN's traction solution

  • Technology: SURECHAIN dedicates its efforts to researching and developing latest technology of alloy steel material,heat treatment,quenching, carburizing process etc.

  • Research: Through years of research, SURECHAIN has made remarkable achievements in the chain industry.

  • Alloy steel: SURECHAIN's alloy steel is self-invented and self-developed, which has good hardness, ductility and toughness.

  • Carburizing: SURECHAIN adopts innovative carburizing process which increases chain tension by 25%-30%, at the same time keep surface hardness at 55-60HRC, core hardness at 42-45HRC.

  • Treatment: SURECHAIN adopts advanced heat treatment that combines the process of pressuring,heat treatment,and quenching. It increases work efficiency and ensures the quality stability, meanwhile much more environment friendly, 

  • Intensified quenching: SURECHAIN adopts intensified quenching technology that makes the alloy steel material much more toughness and to be a better performance.

  • Outdoor activities in winter: SURECHAIN's products make your outdoor activities and work much easier,safer and more assured.

  • Noteworthy: We are your noteworthy partner who aims to provide professional traction solutions and service worldwide.

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