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Durable 12mm Snow Chains

Durable 12mm snow chain with D3.5mm Section provides passenger car with excellent traction to fit winter conditions. TUV/GS & ONORM V5117 approval. BRAND: SURECHAIN.

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12mm Snow Chains Specifications

SizePlease refer to the tire table
MaterialCase-hardened and zinc-plated steel chain
PatternDiamond pattern design
UseInstall without moving the vehicle
PerformanceSuperior traction

Snow Chains 9mm or 12mm

When it comes to choosing between 9mm snow chains and 12mm snow chains, there are a few factors to consider:

Road Conditions: Thicker snow chains, such as 12mm snow chains, generally provide better traction in more severe winter conditions, including deep snow, ice, and steep inclines. If you often drive in areas with heavy snowfall or encounter challenging terrains, 12mm snow chains may be a better option.

Vehicle Type: The type of vehicle you have can also influence your choice of buying snow chains. Lighter vehicles, such as passenger cars, may benefit from 9mm snow chains, which provide adequate traction without excessive weight. Heavier vehicles, such as SUVs or trucks, may require the extra grip provided by 12mm snow chains.

Clearance and Fitment: Thicker chains, like 12mm snow chains, may require more clearance between the tire and the vehicle's wheel well. It's important to ensure that there is enough space to accommodate the chains without any interference or damage. Always check the tire chain manufacturer's guidelines and your vehicle's specifications for clearance requirements.

Ease of Installation: Thinner chains, such as 9mm snow chains, are generally easier to install and remove compared to thicker chains. If you prefer convenience and simplicity, 9mm snow chains may be a more suitable choice.

Cost: Thicker snow chains tend to be more expensive compared to thinner ones. If you're on a budget and don't frequently encounter extreme winter conditions, 9mm snow chains may offer a good balance between snow chain cost and performance.

12mm Snow Chains Advantages

Introducing SURECHAIN 12mm Snow Chains - Superior Traction in Winter

Looking for good snow chains to conquer icy roads? SURECHAIN offers a top-notch solution with our 12mm snow chains. Providing exceptional performance and optimal safety, these chains are designed to maximize grip and minimize the risks of skidding.

With robust construction, our 12mm snow chains are built to endure harsh conditions and provide lasting durability. These chains are meticulously crafted to fit various tire sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Their easy installation and quick removal save you time and effort during those icy winter mornings.

Designed for superior performance, our 12mm snow chains boast excellent traction on snow-covered surfaces. Whether you're cruising down slippery slopes or navigating through snowstorms, these chains offer enhanced grip, giving you the confidence to conquer any winter terrain.

Our SURECHAIN 12mm snow chains are meticulously tested and approved to meet the highest safety standards. When using our chains, you can trust that you're taking steps towards avoiding accidents and ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Don't let winter weather hold you back. Invest in SURECHAIN 12mm snow chains and experience the benefits of exceptional traction and enhanced safety. Browse our range of sizes and find the perfect fit for your vehicle today!

12mm Snow Chains Features

- Superior traction on snow-covered surfaces

- Easy installation and quick removal

- Durable construction for long-lasting performance

- Tested and approved for optimum safety

Choose SURECHAIN 12mm snow chains - your reliable companion for safe winter journeys.

Looking for snow chains in other sizes? As 7mm snow chains are suitable for smaller vehicles, we also provide:

7mm Snow Chains - Ideal for small vehicles such as some sedans and compact cars.

9mm Snow Chains - Ideal for a wide range of large sedans, crossovers and small SUVs.

16mm Snow Chains - Ideal for large trucks, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, and a range of heavy-duty vehicles.

Durable 12mm Snow Chains Highlights

Reinforced diameter 12mm links prolongs working sessions.

Symmetrical diamond pattern chain provides continous grip and reduces vibration.

Just like 9mm snow chains, our 12mm snow chains are quick and easy to install without moving the vehicle.

Case hardened high quality steel leads to safe driving.


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