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Bogie Tracks for Sale

Bogie Tracks for Sale

As a tire chain manufacturer of various Bogie Tracks, SURECHAIN considers the track suitability and compatibility in designing and producing. In order to adapt to different extreme terrains, for example, soft ground and steep slopes, we have developed abundant tracks with excellent performance.

SURECHAIN Vehicle Bogie Tracks Benefits

SURECHAIN Vehicle Bogie Tracks Benefits

Traction and Stability

Using SURECHAIN bogie tracks will greatly increase traction over normal tires. They allows forestry machines to climb slopes and obstacles that would have been impossible.

Improved Maneuverability

SureChain vehicle bogie tracks enable vehicles to maneuver more easily in difficult environments. The flexible design of the tracks allows for smooth navigation around obstacles, tight turns, and challenging corners. This maneuverability is beneficial for tasks that require precise control and agility.

High Load Capacity

Vehicle Bogie Tracks are designed to handle heavy loads. The robust construction and materials used in the tracks ensure durability and reliability even under demanding conditions. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, forestry, and military operations.

Reduced Ground Pressure

SureChain Vehicle Bogie Tracks exert less ground pressure compared to traditional wheel-based systems. The larger surface area of the tracks reduces the impact on the ground, minimizing soil compaction and damage to delicate surfaces. This is particularly advantageous when operating in environmentally sensitive areas or on soft ground.

Low Maintenance

SureChain Vehicle Bogie Tracks are engineered for durability and longevity, requiring minimal maintenance. The materials used in their construction are resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. This helps to minimize downtime and operational costs.


SureChain Vehicle Bogie Tracks can be adapted to a wide range of vehicles, including off-road trucks, military vehicles, agricultural machinery, and utility vehicles. They can be customized to match different track widths, lengths, and vehicle configurations, providing versatility across various applications.

All-Weather Performance

SureChain Vehicle Bogie Tracks are designed to perform well in diverse weather conditions. They offer reliable traction and stability even in rain, snow, or other challenging weather situations. This ensures that vehicles equipped with SureChain Vehicle Bogie Tracks can operate efficiently throughout the year.


Bogie Tracks Features

  • Function Function

    Bogie tracks provide increased traction and flotation over various types of terrain, including snow, mud, sand, and rough off-road conditions. They distribute the vehicle's weight more evenly across the tracks, reducing ground pressure and minimizing the risk of getting stuck.

  • Components Components

    Bogie tracks typically consist of a set of durable cross members, link systems, and cleats, which are made of high-quality alloy materials. The cleats are embeded studs that increase traction during the driving process. Cross members with different shapes bring different floating and traction capabilities to the track chain.

  • Installation Installation

    Installing bogie tracks usually involves removing the vehicle's existing wheels and attaching the track system to the wheel hubs or an adapter kit specifically designed for the vehicle. The process may require some modifications to the vehicle's suspension or drivetrain components, depending on the specific track system being used. It's important to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for proper fitment and compatibility.

  • Applications Applications

    Bogie tracks are commonly used in forestry machinery. When facing forests with different terrains, different types of track chains can be selected for logging operations. In addition, Bogie tracks can also play an important role in search and rescue operations under extreme weather conditions.

  • Considerations Considerations

    Before installing bogie tracks, there are several factors to consider. These include the weight capacity of the track system to ensure it can handle the vehicle's weight, the compatibility of the system with the vehicle's drivetrain, the required maintenance for the tracks and wheels, and any limitations or restrictions imposed by local laws and regulations.

Bogie Tracks FAQs


What vehicles can be equipped with bogie tracks?

Bogie tracks are mainly used in forestry machinery. The specific compatibility depends on the tire chain manufacturer and the targeted terrain. It is important to contact the manufacturer or dealer to determine if there are bogie tracks available for your specific vehicle model and working environment.


Can I install bogie tracks myself?

The installation of bogie tracks can be a complex process and often requires mechanical expertise. It's recommended to have a professional or authorized dealer perform the installation to ensure proper fitment, alignment, and functionality. They will have the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the installation correctly.


How do bogie tracks affect vehicle performance?

Bogie tracks can significantly enhance a vehicle's off-road capabilities by providing better traction and flotation on challenging terrains. However, they can also impact certain aspects of performance. Top speed is typically reduced due to the increased rolling resistance. Fuel consumption may also increase due to the added weight and increased drivetrain load. It's important to understand and adjust your expectations regarding performance when buying tire chains.


Can bogie tracks be used on paved roads?

Bogie tracks are primarily designed for use in complex forest terrains and are not recommended for use on paved roads. The metal studs or different protrusions on the cleats and cross members can damage road surfaces and lead to excessive wear on the tracks themselves. Additionally, reduced maneuverability and increased rolling resistance can make driving on paved roads less efficient and potentially unsafe. Furthermore, using Bogie tracks on paved roads may also violate local laws.


What maintenance is required for bogie tracks?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of bogie tracks. This includes inspecting the track system for any signs of wear or damage, checking and adjusting track tension, lubricating moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer, and cleaning the tracks to remove dirt and debris. It's important to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to keep the bogie tracks in optimal condition.


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