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Truck Chain Manufacturers

Truck Chain Manufacturers

Truck chains are high-qualified metallic snow chains designed for SUVs, trucks, and buses. Surechain manufactures truck tire chains in accordance with the highest standard. Our commercial truck chains guarantee ultimate safety and provide maximum traction on snowy, icy tracks which offer the optimal solution for the application of commercial areas.

SURECHAIN Commercial Truck Snow Chains Benefits

SURECHAIN Commercial Truck Snow Chains Benefits

High Grip

Truck tire chains made by professional snow chain suppliers, such as Z shape truck chains, provide superior grip around a tire.

Long Service Life

Corrosion protection and case hardened steel prolong the lifespan of commercial truck chains.

Easy Fit and Remove

Just like forest machine chain, it is also convenient for drivers to install and remove commercial truck tire chains.


Tire Cable For Trucks Selection Guide

  • Clearance Clearance

    Check the owner manual of the vehicle or search on the Internet to confirm whether there is sufficient clearance between the tire and wheel well for truck chains.

  • Size Size

    Check the tire sidewall to find the right tire size which determines which commercial truck snow chains are available.

  • Use Use

    Consider the road conditions drivers may encounter as well as the use of frequency. Will the driver use commercial truck chains on snowy, icy, or muddy tracks? Will the driver use it frequently or just put it in the trunk?

  • Feature Feature

    Figure out the features that drivers focus on. Easy installation and removal, durability, lightweight or a good price.

  • Select Select

    Narrow down the final options by the first four steps and search on our website to find your perfect chains. As one of the pro truck chain manufacturers in China, SURECHAIN provides quality commercial truck snow chains for sale! Feel free to contact at any time.

Truck Tire Chains FAQs


Why do trucks need chains?

During winter conditions, truck tire chains should be installed in order to guarantee safety and improve traction.


How fast can you go with truck chains?

The speed should not exceed 30 m.p.h. Accelerate and decelerate slowly to avoid spinning or locking of wheels.


When should l put chains on my truck?

In some places, there are some regulations about putting on snow chains. You need to follow those regulations. Also, you need to learn to judge the conditions for installing chains. Tire chains should be used when winter conditions are too severe for even the best snow tires.


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