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Can Tire Chains Really Prevent Slipping? How Effective Are They?

Principle of tire chains for cars

The principle of tire chains is to concentrate the weight of the vehicle on several force points of the iron chains, generating a huge pressure to crush through the ice and snow layer to reach the road surface, thereby increasing the friction force and increasing the safety coefficient of vehicle travel. When driving on an icy or snowy road, tire chains that includes HAKKI Tractor chains and tractor chain with stud can effectively prevent serious displacement and slippage of the vehicle due to skidding, reducing the occurrence of accidents.

Precautions for using tire chains

  • Tire chains produced by the truck chains factory are available in different sizes and specifications, suitable for different wheel hub sizes and tire widths. When purchasing, pay attention to selecting tire chains that match the wheel size of the vehicle.

  • Tire chains must be installed on the driving wheels, and the tire pressure must be normal. It is not allowed to install tire chains on wheels with low tire pressure. After installation, stop the car and check and adjust it after driving about 20 meters to ensure that the tire chains are tightly attached to the tires.

  • After installing the tire chains, the car should maintain a low speed, and the speed should generally not exceed 40 km/h. Pay attention to avoiding sudden acceleration or emergency braking as much as possible.