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Installation Tips and Maintenance for Tire Chains: Considerations for Selection

Installation and precautions of tire chains

How to use tire chains

In extreme rainy and snowy weather, installing tire chains on vehicles can often ensure normal driving. tire chains can concentrate the weight of the entire vehicle on a few points, increase the friction between the vehicle and the ground with the pressure generated, improve the vehicle's grip, and ensure safety during driving.

The use of tire chains mainly includes two parts: installation and disassembly. Firstly, it is important to ensure the safety of the surrounding environment and sufficient space to facilitate the chain's deployment during the installation and disassembly process. At the same time, remove foreign objects from the tires, spread the tire chain in front of the vehicle, pass the tire chain from the rear of the tire to the top of the tire, lock the outer and inner buckles tightly, and then adjust the tire chains while moving the vehicle.

Precautions for using tire chains

After installing the tire chains, there are still many precautions to be taken. Firstly, the driving speed should not be too fast, generally not exceeding 40 kilometers per hour. It is also important to avoid sharp turns, sudden braking, and other actions that can accelerate slipping. The use of tire chains should not be too long, as it can cause major damage to the tires. Therefore, tire chains should be removed as soon as the road conditions return to normal.

It is also important to ensure that the tire pressure is adequate and to select tire chains that match the size of the tires when installing the tire chains.

Tips for purchasing and maintaining tire chains

How to choose tire chains

Firstly, choose the type of tire chain based on the vehicle type, weight, tire, and wheel size. If you are unsure which one to choose, you can provide parameters to the dealer for recommendations.

How many tire chains should be used

For two-wheel drive vehicles, a pair of tire chains is usually enough and should be installed on the driving wheels. For front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended to only install one pair of tire chains on the front wheels. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended to install tire chains on all four wheels.

Storage of tire chains

Tire chains are often useful in extreme rainy and snowy weather, but such weather conditions are rare. When not in use, how should we store the tire chains to ensure their longevity? After use, tire chains should be wiped clean and stored in a dry place. For new tire chains, the storage location should be kept dry. Regardless of whether the tire chains are new or used, they should be kept away from the air as much as possible. You can apply a layer of machine oil on them and store them in a plastic bag to prevent rusting.