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Introduction to the Basics of Tyre Chains

Principle of tyre chains

The principle of tyre chains is to concentrate the weight of the vehicle on several points of the iron chain, producing a huge pressure, which can crush the ice and snow layer and reach the road surface directly, thereby increasing the friction force. When facing the slippery and uphill road surface of snow and ice, it can play a good anti-skid effect and increase the safety factor of vehicle driving.

The tyre chain for a car manufactured by the truck chains factory is made of steel or rubber chains, which has a simple principle, easy installation, and a wide range of applications.

Steps for mounting and dismounting tyre chains:

1. Prepare your vehicle, preferably in a lane or a relatively flat place to install and disassemble the chain. Of course, when you have to install or disassemble it on the way, be sure to park on a flat section of the road.

Regardless of where you are, make sure that there is enough space in front and behind the car, which is convenient for moving the chain. At the same time, before your hand touches the tire, please ensure that the handbrake is pulled up to ensure absolute safety.

2. When starting to install the tyre chain such as tractor chain with stud and 9mm snow chain, check whether the vehicle is front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive. In theory, the chain should be installed on the tires that provide power for the car. But combined with practical experience, we recommend that front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models install tyre chains on the front wheels, and rear-wheel-drive models recommend installing them on all four wheels. If it is a mountain road, it is also recommended to install them on all four wheels. In this way, it can ensure the driving safety on the icy and snowy roads to the greatest extent.

When installing, please try to clear the snow around the tires. Refer to the installation instructions, wear gloves, fully spread the chain on the ground, and thread the tyre chain on the side of the tire from left to right. Use your hands to lift both ends of the tyre chain, slightly adjust it to make the tyre chain stretched out, and buckle the lock buckle. Then pull the tyre chain into the tire tightly with the locking device.

3. After the installation is complete, start the engine and slowly move the vehicle forward or backward with the tyre chain. Get off the car and check whether the chain is loose. If there is looseness, adjust the chain further through the locking device to ensure that the chain is completely tightened.

4. After the tyre chain is fully installed, your car has enough traction on the icy and snowy road surface. However, do not think that the tyre chain can ensure that you drive rapidly in adverse driving conditions. The driving speed should not exceed 40km/h, otherwise, there will also be some driving risks. During the driving process, you also need to pay attention to the sound of the car. If there are abnormal sounds, it may indicate that the chain has become loose and needs to be adjusted again.

5. When there is no ice and snow on the road surface, the tyre chain needs to be removed. Dismounting the chain is simpler than installing it, just follow the opposite steps to remove the chain. Then wipe it clean and place it in a dry place for use next winter. Regardless of any situation, do not install the tyre chain to drive on non-snowy roads, which will severely damage the tires and road and even violate local traffic regulations.