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Tyre Chains VS Snow Tires

Tyre chains and snow tires

Advantages of tyre chains:

  • Excellent anti skid performance on icy roads.

  • Small size, lightweight and easy to store.

  • Easy to disassemble, no need to remove the tires.

  • Low cost.


  • It may cause some damages to the tires.

  • It cannot be used on non-icy roads.

  • The speed cannot exceed 40KM/h.

  • It may cause the vibration of vehicle, the comfort is impacted.

  • It may generate some noises.

Advantages of snow tires:

  • Mainly suitable for snowy roads.

  • It does not cause vehicle vibration.

  • Low tire noise.

  • There are no overly restrictive speed limits.


  • It is expensive.

  • It is inconvenient to change, as all four wheels need to be replaced.

  • It is large in size and occupy a lot of storage space.

  • It is not particularly effective for tyre on icy roads.

Cost performance comparison of tyre chains and snow tires

Compared to tyre chains, snow tires have much higher costs, and all four tires need to be replaced at once, as opposed to just two for the tyre chains on the driving wheels. Snow tires provide better comfort on thin snow-covered roads than tyre chains, but when the snow and ice thickness is high, regardless of how thick the tyre chain is, it will not cause too much vibration, and the smooth and comfortable ride will not be greatly affected, thus ensuring safer driving.

Therefore, if you live in an area with large-scale snow and ice on the roads during the winter, for safer driving, you can choose the appropriate snow tires or tyre chains according to actual conditions.