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Safe Production, It's Not Just a Slogan

Safety management is a very important part for enterprises. If the safety management can not be operated well, it would not only affect the healthy and smooth development of the enterprise, but will also affect social stability.

Our society is composed of a lot of families. If a family member becomes disabled or be died in the accidents of production, the whole family will be devastated. Any employee's injury or death will cause great loses to their family members who will suffer great losses trauma, and then may bring unstable factors to the society.

As an enterprise with social responsibility, Surechain takes safe production as its priority of daily management all the time. we not only passed through ISO 450001, the occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, but also applied the rules and principles of the standard to everywhere in workplace as well as in the management.

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We have formulated rules and took measures to ensure our daily production is in safe, which are as below:

We delivered continuous training to help the management in acquiring knowledge of theories, norms, and standards, including the basic cognition like implementing HSE in enterprise security management, conducting job hazard investigation, improving safety evaluation, employing ABC management method and principles of systems engineering.

Established the safety supervision and inspection system that requires the management in workshop organizing regular safety check, get familiar with the equipment and facilities.

Established the education system at presence, which require the management to correct the improper operations of front-line staffs and educate them with the right method to avoid any illegal operations, and help them to get a stronger safety awareness.

Established the safety production responsibility system that make responsibilities, rights and interests of officers and departments at all levels be clearly defined. The first safety person liable system helps to find easily who is to blame according to responsibility and accountability requirements.

The safety management work is significant, and we will continue to face arduous tasks and in the long run. It is worth of constant in-depth probing and discussion for safe production management to create a better workplace.

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