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Fire Drill Rehearsal at Surechain

November 10th 2022, All the employees in Surechain took part in a fire drill rehearsal organized by company. Safety issue is very critical for every production-oriented enterprises. There might be a low chance of a real fire in the facility, but it's still important to have knowledge about fire exits, extinguishers, and emergency supplies etc, so that if complications arise, our team knows how to respond and address calmly.

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Before the rehearsal, we had a training at first to introduce all the firefighting equipment and its using method, the evacuation route, and the whole evacuation plan. We also had a deep discussion about the below questions:

  • How to describe a fire situation correctly and quickly when you call the firefighters

  • How to leave the workplace quickly and safely in case of any emergency or life safety situation

  • How to locate escape routes and where to go after vacating the premises

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The training had taught us how to make a fire evacuation plan and also helped us specify the roles and responsibilities for the fire evacuation team.

After the training, we achieved below results:

  • Developed a comprehensive fire drill procedures

  • Made the clear evacuation routes, emergency exits, and evacuation procedures

  • Know the use of tools such as fire alarms,fire-fighting lance and fire extinguishers

  • Know the emergency treatment method