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Snow Chain Issues for Winter Self-driving in the United States

During Christmas, it is a time for many families to enjoy the joy of skiing.However, traveling in the snow may face the risk of heavy snow road closures and cars getting stuck in a blizzard.For those who plan to travel, be sure to bookmark this driving guide.

Snow Chains Preparation and Installation

It's important to know that most cars in the United States have all-season tires (non-snow tires), so it is still necessary to prepare snow chains even if you plan to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle to the snowy mountains.

For example, on complex routes with heavy snow in Northern California, there will be safety signs on the roadside, usually with yellow backgrounds and yellow lights, which will say, "Chain up when flashing".There will also be a wide and long dedicated area for changing snow chains on the roadside, so that you can park your car safely and replace the snow chains.

When driving on snowy roads, there is usually a designated "Chain Down Area" (area for removing snow chains) because snow chains are not a permanent solution and only work on snowy road surfaces. When driving on normal roads, snow chains have a negative impact on driving safety and comfort, so they need to be removed in a timely manner.

How to Purchase Snow Chains

Snow chains are available at most auto parts stores and Walmart, but you must first determine your tire model before purchasing. Even the same car may have different tire models, and different models of snow chains should not be installed. Also, not every store will have snow chains for your tire model, so it is recommended to buy in advance and not wait until the day before to prepare! At the same time, it is also recommended to keep the receipt when purchasing, so that if the snow chains break during the journey, you can go to other chain stores for timely replacement!

How to Install Anti-Skid Snow Chains

First, confirm the driving wheels of the vehicle. The anti-skid chains must be installed on the driving wheels. Especially for automatic transmission vehicles, anti-skid chains should not be used on only one wheel, as this can easily damage the automatic transmission. In addition, anti-skid chains have size limitations and are suitable for different tire sizes and widths. Pay attention to selecting anti-skid chains that match the wheel size.


Although installing anti-skid chains can improve traction, it is important to maintain a safe driving speed. Avoid driving on surfaces with sharp objects, and remove the chains when driving on road surfaces that do not require them.

Special Note

Four-wheel drive cannot replace winter tires.

It should be emphasized that four-wheel drive (4WD), anti-lock braking systems, and electronic stability control are very useful for acceleration and maneuvering, but they have almost no effect on stopping or decelerating. In order to obtain better traction on snowy or icy roads, snow chains are irreplaceable.