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6 Important Matters Regarding Snow Chains for Vehicles

Winter is approaching! Most people are ready to embrace the joy of winter and enjoy hearty hot food and drinks. If you are a novice driver, you may not be familiar with snow chains. But in this case, one thing is certain, if you don't know how to use snow chains, it can bring you a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is very important to understand what snow chains are and why they should be used.


What are snow chains?

Snow chains are like a net made up of chains. This allows vehicles to have better traction on the road. Compared with snow tires,  snow chains are more cost-effective and provide better traction in deep snow.

6 key points of installation and use of snow chains

For beginners, installing snow chains may be a bit tricky, but once mastered, this puzzle will be solved easily. Here are 6 important things to know and understand about snow chainsif you are a beginner.

Do not exceed the speed limit of 40km/hour

When using snow chains, the driving speed should not exceed 40km/hour. Exceeding this speed limit can cause the chains to break, which is extremely dangerous for both the driver and the vehicle. Maintaining a safe speed is crucial.

Try to avoid roads without snow

Although there are many situations where driving on bare roads is necessary for a short distance, it should be avoided as much as possible. Snow chains perform poorly on snowless roads and can cause significant damage to the chains themselves.

Avoid aggressive driving

When accelerating and braking on the road, drivers should maintain a smooth and linear speed. Excessive acceleration or braking can lead to the breakage of the anti-skid chains.

Regularly check and tighten the chains

It is recommended to regularly check the snow chains and tighten the chains if necessary. The chains naturally loosen after driving for a distance, so it is important to tighten them at that time.

Familiarize yourself with regulations

Drivers should be familiar with the regulations for winter driving. Different regions have different regulations regarding the use of snow chains, for example, the United States requires the carrying of snow chains in winter.

When driving in snow, choosing the right snow chainsis a key part of ensuring safe driving. SURECHAIN with its mature traction solutions and the widest range of traction products worldwide, provides you with professional snow chain solutions.