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What Are the Types of Car Snow Chain?

In the winter season, after the snowfall, the accumulated snow does not immediately melt, but sticks to the ground, forming a thick layer of icy and snowy road surface.

Such road surfaces have low friction coefficients and are very slippery. When driving on them, cars have poor driving ability and may not be able to go uphill; on the other hand, their braking ability is weak, and the braking distance is significantly extended, making it easy to cause traffic accidents. Therefore, many people will install tyre chains like 9mm snow chain on their cars to ensure driving safety in such road conditions. So what is tyre chain? What are its varieties?

What is a car snow chain?

A car snow chain is usually made of metal or rubber and is installed on the wheels of a car. It can effectively prevent the car from slipping and shifting on icy and snowy road surfaces. The principle is to concentrate the vehicle's gravity on several points of the tyre chain, resulting in greater pressure, so that the chain can roll into the ice and snow layer and directly contact the road surface, thereby increasing the friction force and ensuring that the wheels have sufficient driving force and braking force, ensuring the safety of driving on icy and snowy road surfaces.

Types of car snow chains

Currently, tyre chains made by the professional truck chains factory can basically be divided into four types: manganese steel quenching type, rubber-steel spike type, steel wire roller type, and tyre tie.

Manganese steel quenching type tyre chain

Manganese steel quenching type tyre chain is the earliest used tyre chain on cars. It is made of steel wire that has been subject to special heat treatment. Its advantages are good anti skid effect, high cost performance, and rugged durability. Its defects are relatively loud noise and certain wear and tear on the tires.

Rubber-steel spike type tyre chain

The main tyre part is a mesh structure made of vulcanized rubber, with steel nails embedded to be used together. It has the advantages of being low-temperature resistant, wear-resistant, having good elasticity, and being resistant to tension(force), and can be used for a longer time. But the drawback is that it is expensive and, in terms of anti-skid effect, not as good as manganese steel quenching tyre chains.

Steel wire roller type tyre chain

It is made up of small rollers that are set on steel wires. Its advantages are simple structure, light weight, low noise, easy to carry, long service life, and is suitable for roads with less thick snow and ice layers. However, if there is thick snow and ice, its inhibitory and anti-skid effects are inferior to the manganese steel quenching tyre chain.

Tyre tie

It is made of plastic ties, which are cheap and easy to install. But it only has theoretical anti skid effect, and it is very easy to break during driving, so it is not recommended.