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What Are Snow Socks and How to Use Them in Winter?

As winter approaches, we often feel inadequate in driving on snowy days. At this time, we hope that tires can provide more traction for vehicles, making driving easier. This is especially common on snow-covered, icy lanes or steep mountain roads. In order to solve this problem, snow socks as a solution can provide more traction for driving on the road. Most people may have heard of snow socks, but may not know much about them.

What are snow socks? 

Snow socks are a type of anti-skid fabric that wraps around the tires of a vehicle to provide additional traction on the road. They are suitable for different tire sizes and provide a solution for tires that will not damage the vehicle. The installation is also very simple. Unlike expensive snow tires, snow socks are relatively affordable;


Putting snow socks on tires is very easy, you may need to move the vehicle back and forth to fully cover the tire socks. When purchasing snow socks, the right size is very important to ensure a secure fit and provide better traction.

Although you may want to use snow socks throughout the winter, it is best to use them only when it snows. When using snow socks, it is recommended not to exceed 40 miles/hour to get better traction and road friction.

How do snow socks work?

Snow socks can absorb excess moisture on the surface of snow or ice, increasing friction. With increased friction, more traction is provided.

Benefits of snow socks

Now that you have learned about snow socks, let's discuss the benefits of using them. One of the primary benefits of using snow socks is that they are easy to install and can be done by yourself. After use, you can safely store them with almost no space required. Always remember that snow socks with a higher polyester content provide better traction. And if you are very particular about the appearance of the vehicle, you can wash the dirt off the snow socks yourself, they are reusable. So be sure to purchase the best snow socks for better safety and excellent driving experience in winter.