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Do A Good Job Of Truck Maintenance, And Travel Smoothly In Winter!

Do a good job of truck maintenance, and travel smoothly in winter! When the cold winter comes, the card pals should maintain their cars while keeping themselves warm. In winter, truck maintenance is very important. Pay attention to the following points, so you can travel freely in winter!

1. Targeted selection of lubricating oil

The environment and temperature in winter are relatively bad, so proper lubricating oil should be selected. It can reduce the damage to the engine, avoid the failure to start the engine and increase the wear of trucks.

2. Selection of antifreeze

The winter weather is cold, and ordinary water is used as the cooling medium. The water is easy to freeze, which will damage the engine. At this time, the driver can select antifreeze with different effects according to the severity of temperature in different places.

3. Check the brake system

Be sure to check whether the brake fluid is good or not, whether the air receiver drying tank is effective, and whether the pipeline is aging and leaking, so as to prevent the brake pipeline from freezing due to water in the compressed air. Check the thickness of the brake pads. It is also very dangerous to drive on ice and snow roads with poor braking.

4. Tyre maintenance

In cold winter, ponding is easy to freeze, which is easy to cause rear end collision and steering out of control during driving. Therefore, the tire pressure of the truck should not be too high or too low. If the tire pressure is too high, the grip of the tires will be reduced, and the vehicle will skid easily; The tire pressure is too low, and the tire wear is aggravated. It is better to inflate in strict accordance with the tire pressure standard.

5. Precautions for using snow chains

(1) Pay attention to the matching of anti-skid chains and tires;

(2) After installing the anti-skid chain, avoid sharp acceleration and deceleration, let alone driving at high speed;

(3) The anti-skid chains are only suitable for use on ice and snow roads. They should be removed on dry roads, otherwise they will cause great wear to the tires;

(4) Snow chains such as 9mm snow chain can only be used on drive wheels and installed on wheels of the same axle.

Do a good job of truck maintenance, and travel smoothly in winter! In winter, correct truck maintenance is particularly important. Truck maintenance is not only to prevent vehicle damage, but also to ensure the safety of truck drivers.