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The Weather Is Cold And The Ground Is Freezing. It Is Safe For Trucks To Drive Outside

In winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and heavy fog, ice, and snow weather occur in many areas. The visibility is low, and the road is easy to slide, which brings constant driving to the majority of drivers. A little carelessness will cause rear-end collisions, side slips, and other accidents. So here are some precautions for truck driving in winter.

1. Keep enough distance between vehicles

In foggy days, rainy and snowy days, due to short sight distance and low visibility, sometimes the road surface is wet due to snow, the braking performance is reduced, and the vehicle is prone to sideslip. In the weather with unclear vision, the horn should be sounded frequently to avoid overspend. Therefore, the sufficient driving distance must be maintained.

3. Avoid emergency braking.

When the temperature is low, it is very easy to form thin frost, which will make the road smooth. In the case of frost, the best way is to reduce the speed of the car before the frost section as much as possible, follow the ruts of the vehicles in front, and avoid sideslip due to sudden braking.

4. Drive safely, with no overtaking

The speed shall be stable and the operation shall be uniform to prevent the speed from being too fast. Do not jerk in that direction. When it is necessary to accelerate or decelerate, gently step on or release the accelerator and slowly step on the brake to stop. Remember not to overtake. If you need to overtake for other reasons, you must choose a spacious, flat road section with less snow and ice.

5. Safe parking on rainy and snowy days

When the vehicle is to be parked, it should be parked in a place where there is no rain or less snow, and the hand brake should be tightened. When it is necessary to park on ice and snow roads, you should choose a sunny, windproof, flat place to park away from buildings, trees, etc. to prevent falling debris from damaging the vehicle; If the parking time is too long, the engine should also be started to preheat in time to prevent freezing of the refrigerant.

6. Use of truck snow chains

The road is icy in snowy weather, and it is difficult for vehicles to drive on the road. The commercial truck snow chains have good anti-skid facilities for ice and snow weather. Adding truck anti-skid chains to tires can greatly increase the adhesion between tires and the ground, and ensure driving safety.

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