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Importance Of Automobile Anti-skid Chains

The road is wet and slippery in ice and snow weather, so the anti-skid chain is one of the necessary anti-skid magic tools to prevent the vehicles from sideslipping. The anti-skid chains are generally used in the worse road conditions, and the weather is also extreme and rare. Because they are not used often, it is a brain burning thing to choose and use them correctly.

1. Importance of automobile anti-skid chains

The anti-skid chain is mainly used to increase the friction with the ground through the rough surface, so as to ensure that the vehicle will not have sideslip on the icy and snowy road and ensure the normal driving of the vehicle. Especially in rainy and snowy winter, the installation of anti-skid chains can ensure the smooth driving of vehicles

There are also many kinds of anti-skid chains, but they are usually classified according to their materials, including rubber chains, iron chains, Oxford chains, TPU anti-skid chains, etc. Skid chains made of different materials have different characteristics and prices.

2.  Installation of automobile anti-skid chains

How to install snow chains? The installation of the automatic truck chain is related to the driving of the vehicle. If the vehicle is driven by the front wheel, the anti-skid chain should be installed on the front wheel. If the vehicle is driven by the rear wheel, the anti-skid chain should be installed on the rear wheel. Otherwise, the anti-skid effect cannot be achieved.

How to choose anti-skid is still based on your actual needs, and you must pay attention to the installation. After installation, be sure to check whether the installation is firm and whether the internal and external connectors have been connected. Check whether the round belt is well hung with all the hooks on the outside, whether there is contact with the body, whether the clearance between the curb and the anti-skid chain is roughly equal, and whether there is eccentricity.

The anti-skid chain is only used to assist anti-skid, so you can't rely too much on the anti-skid chain. Don't think that you can do everything without worry after installing the anti-skid chain. In rainy and snowy weather, you should drive carefully. In rainy and snowy weather, you should never hit the direction, step on the brake or refuel. If the vehicle skids, be sure to control the direction and not be too nervous. After all, safety is the first priority. Any auxiliary facilities are only auxiliary functions, and there is no absolute safety. To ensure safety, it is necessary to improve people's safety awareness. When awareness is in place and operation is in place, it will be safe naturally.