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How To Choose Car Snow Chains In Ice And Snow Weather?

For drivers in cold weather, it is not necessary to change winter tires. The easiest way to do this is to add snow chains to your tires. What kind of snow chains do you choose? Nowadays, according to the material, the anti-skid chains are divided into iron chains, ox tendon chains, rubber chains and wire rope anti-skid chains. Which one is suitable for your car and the road conditions you can drive?

First of all, it depends on whether you are a car, SUV, van, pickup truck or medium-sized truck or bus. Generally speaking, iron chain anti-skid chains are mainly used for large and heavy vehicles. They are the cheapest anti-skid chains on the market. It has the advantages of low price and large load capacity, but its disadvantages are loud noise, complex disassembly and assembly, heavy weight, serious tire wear, and great damage to the road.

Covered iron anti-skid chains and binding chains

The iron chains are divided into covered iron anti-skid chains and binding chains. Among them, there are two, three, field shaped, trapezoidal and diamond shaped iron chains on the market. The field shaped and diamond shaped iron chains have a better anti-skid effect than trapezoidal chains, because the fixed points of diamond shaped iron chains are more than trapezoidal chains such as two and three shaped iron chains, which have less wear on the tires and stronger grip.

It is relatively simple to install. It is made of special rubber materials. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, cold resistance, tear resistance, bending resistance, corrosion resistance, good preservation, light weight, etc. It is easy to carry, simple to install, time-saving and labor-saving. However, ox tendon is a kind of plastic. In case of low temperature, the material of ox tendon will become brittle, which is not durable, and the effect of ultra-low temperature plus anti-skid is not ideal.

Rubber anti-skid chains

Rubber anti-skid chains have the same material as automobile tires. They have the advantages of low temperature resistance, wear resistance and good elasticity. Many car owners first consider the type of anti-skid chains when choosing them in winter. Rubber anti-skid chains are also expensive in price because of the production process and the cost of raw materials. The ordinary rubber anti-skid chains on the market are made of inferior rubber, while the good rubber anti-skid chains contain nylon ropes, which will not become brittle or break in the severe weather of more than - 40 degrees in the north. The installation is relatively simple, and the anti-skid effect is also very good. The only thing is that the price of good rubber anti-skid chains is relatively expensive.

Generally, you can buy a pair of two front drive cars, city SUVs, etc., and install them on the driving wheels. Of course, this is on ice and snow paved roads. If driving on non paved roads, it is recommended to choose the tin shaped or diamond shaped chains. If it is a rear drive or four-wheel drive vehicle, it is recommended to buy two pairs of four, which are more practical, and each wheel is equipped with anti-skid chains.