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Precautions for Using Anti-skid Chains

One of the most difficult problems to prevent in winter driving is the issue of vehicle skid. Often, we wake up from a beautiful dream, and the world outside the window is already covered in silver.

If it is just snow accumulation, that's not a big problem. However, if there is ice formation or freezing rain, then we must consider the possibility of vehicle side slip risk while driving.

The most common way to deal with vehicles sliding on icy or snowy roads is to use anti-skid chains. Although anti-skid chains are common, it is important to know how to use them correctly. Today, we will learn some basic knowledge about using anti-skid chains for cars.

Install the anti-skid chains early

When encountering snowfall or ice formation on the road, it is best to install the anti-skid chains before driving, rather than installing them after experiencing vehicle skid.

This is because installing anti-skid chains temporarily is troublesome and not conducive to safe driving. Before installing or dismantling them, the vehicle should be parked in a safe and open area. If there are continuous vehicles passing by on the road, it is necessary to place prominent traffic warning signs such as triangular warning signs.

Install the anti-skid chains on the driving wheels, and install them in pairs

When installing the anti-skid chains, you should first understand the driving method of your car. In order to play its due role, the anti-skid chains should be installed on the driving wheels, and they must be installed symmetrically on both left and right wheels, and cannot be installed only on one side tire.

If it's a rear-wheel drive model, four anti-skid chains need to be installed. Especially on automatic models, not only do they need to be installed in pairs, but the tightness of the left and right wheels' anti-skid chains must be kept consistent, otherwise it may cause damage to the automatic transmission during driving.

After installing the anti-skid chains, drive at a low speed and avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking of the vehicle

After installing the anti-skid chains, you should maintain a slow driving speed. Generally speaking, do not exceed 40km/h. In addition, try to avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking during driving.

Remove the anti-skid chains promptly after leaving the icy roads

The principle of the anti-skid chains is to concentrate the vehicle's weight on a few points of the iron chains, generating great pressure, passing through the ice and snow layer to the road surface, thereby increasing the friction coefficient and improving the safety of vehicle driving. Therefore, it is also determined that once you leave the icy and wet roads, the anti-skid chains should be removed promptly. Under no circumstances should you drive with anti-skid chains on non-icy and snowy roads, as this will seriously damage your tires and the road surface.