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Heat Treatment Training Conference Held Successfully in Surechain

October 19th 2022, A training conference with the topic of heat treatment was held successfully at Surechain. Engineer Bob tsing chiao, a celebrated expert in heat treatment industry, was invited to conduct the meeting for Surechain's employees. He delivered his speech respectively from topics of carburizing principle, three basic processes and five elements of gas carburizing etc, which enable our staffs a deep understanding of how important the heat treatment technology matters to snow chain products, and which help them absorb the relevant knowledge of heat treatment fully and widely.

Anti Skid Snow Chain

Heat treatment is a very important technology in the snow chain domain, even in the whole steel manufacturing industry. It directly determines the wear resistance, hardness and lifetime of the snow chain products. The in-depth study of heat treatment technology by all employees in Surechain will not only help them strengthen the correct cognition and understanding of the company's products, improve their professional skills, but also equip them for a more superior, more professional and more efficient service to customers in the future.

automatic tire chain

Surechain won the favor of the market and customer recognition by its advanced heat treatment technology, high-quality products and good service in the past 30 years. In the future time, Surechain will insist their original aspiration, continue to do a good job in products, services, research and development, try to create a solid bridge that links five continents by snow chains, and let the products made in China to become everyone’s pride in heart.